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Delivering Package

Admission to
BridgeWay Preparatory
Christian School, Inc.

It is our goal to make a private school education available to as many families as possible. We believe that a diverse community made up of families from many different backgrounds enriches our school.  We strive to make private school as affordable as possible while providing an outstanding education.

Tuition and Fees for 2024-2025


New Students Enrollment Fee - $300 - (NON - REFUNDABLE)

Curriculum & Tech  Fees - $500


Tuition Fee (K5) -$6000

 New Students Tuition Fee (1-5) -$7500

New Students Tuition Fee (6-8) -$7750

New Students Tuition Fee (9-10) -$8250


5% sibling discount (off youngest child)

 Beginning the process of enrolling your child in BWCPS, is quite simple. 

Download our fillable form below and email the form to 

Deposit can be made by VENMO or by check .

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